Telephone prospecting

Q: How do you get a sales person to stop working?

A:  Put a phone in front of them.



Why are we buying into the premisse that we do not need to call our prospect or customer anymore? That the phone doesn't have a place in our prospecting regime and is out-dated, out-classed and out-performed?


We know that our prospects are savvy enough to find us and our competitors, if marketing is done right. We know B2B prospects are on average 57% of the way into the buying process before they engage a sales rep. But are we simply coming up with great excuses, and dismissing calling a prospect because it can be the most stressful part of our day?


Think about it. Many companies (big and small) engage services to call businesses and prospect for them.  Services who will only end up picking the phone and making those same dreary calls anyway, all day, every day, if possible.


The truth is, telephone prospecting is, always was, and will always be, the most important tool available to a salesperson.  There is no better way to turn a lead into a prospect, and a prospect to a close, cover more ground and create better results in less time than to use the phone.


That's why we need prospecting in the first place, otherwise there would be no sales people, only people taking orders. And if it was easy, everyone would be doing it and earning minimum wage. Right?


Its easy to confuse cold-calling and telephone prospecting. Cold Calling is a form of prospecting by phone and mostly refers to the initial contact you have with a person you don't know or who doesn't know you, whereas telephone prospecting typically follows a cold call and encompasses all the activity of profiling, qualifying and progressing a prospect, over the phone, to ultimately becoming a paying customer.


I can help you identify the simple steps and the structure to your interactions with prospects and clients over the phone.


This structure will take away the pressure and stress from telephone prospecting, it will help you build credibility over the phone, it will create messages that have a positive response from your prospect and will develop your calls into efficient communications that produce effective results. 


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