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In sales, if you rely heavily on a single prospecting method, you will continuously produce weak results,  balancing your approach to your prospecting regime is smart.


The Prospecting Strategy should encompass dedicated time, effort and focus on most, if not all, of the following areas:


Telephone, Cold-calling, Email, Text, In-person, Referrals, Social Media, Inbound leads (from content marketing, SEO), Networking, Trade shows, Events.


The success of your strategy will depend on the relative 

distribution of the time you invest across these different areas, and according to your industry, product, geography, demographics, client base, resources, deal complexity, etc. Make no mistake though, it is the single most important factor in the performance of your business.

I will help & support you with recognized tools & techniques that have stood the test of time

Sales prospecting can be outbound or inbound, and both are important. With outbound prospecting you are proactive, you initiate direct communication: you are cold-calling your prospects, or telephone prospecting, or pitching your sales story. You are attending trade events or networking to promote your product.


With inbound prospecting you are reactive, through content marketing, SEO, social media and brand awareness: a prospect makes himself or herself known to you and shows an interest in your product, which you then qualify as a potential customer by aligning with the profile of your target buyer.


I will share proven best practices that actually work & produce results

Inbound takes time and effort to get under way and produce real impact! 

Social media essentially creates familiarity for you and for your brand!

Referrals may not be enough to grow your business!


Networking doesn’t mean that you're meeting the right people! 


Your outbound activity is where the rubber meets the road, where you identify and manage leads to move up the pipeline and turn them into customers.


Discipline yourself, make time to discover the tools and techniques that have passed the test of time, the best-practices that work and produce results. Start by being honest with yourself, face up to your fears and hesitations, and set yourself up to achieving your sales goals.

We can arm you and your business with an  optimized prospecting program that protects your business, future-proofs your sustainability and empowers you for success. 


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