Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive. - Elbert Hubbard.

Why do you think sales people hate cold-calling so much?

Why do you think people being cold-called react so poorly to it?


You may, like most sales people around the world, secretely believe there is a silver-bullet, a perfect pitch that will make your prospects fall head over heels for you and say yes to your every request. I'm sorry to say that this is delusion taking over and freeing you from doing something you absolutely hate doing.


Worse still, many others trash cold calling altogether saying you don't need it anymore, especially in this social media-savvy world of technology and the internet. Again, sorry, but all they are doing is playing up to your fears and your sheer apprehension about this uncomfortable responsibillity - which is to interrupt someone's day.


Well, the bad news is, cold calling is never going to die or disappear. If you are not doing it, trust me, your competitors are.


The good news is, with honest contemplation, diligent effort and lots of practice, you can create messages that impact your prospect positively and deal with objections constructively, turning the prospect in your favour.


Its easy to confuse cold-calling and telephone prospecting. Cold Calling is a form of prospecting (by phone) and mostly refers to the initial contact you have with a person you don't know or who doesn't know you, whereas telephone prospecting typically follows a cold call and encompasses all the activity of profiling, qualifying and progressing a prospect, over the phone, to ultimately becoming a paying customer.


No one wants to be cold-called or pitched to. I don't like it. You don't like it. Your prospect certainly doesn't like it. But we are over-complicating things that should be simple, and continuously making mistakes on the phone, on our emails, voicemails, in person and over social media because we don't realise certain key truths and learn valuable lessons from them.


If you want to inspire, persuade, educate, you need to construct and deliver powerful messages and value statements. And you have to interrupt.


Mind you, I said it should be simple, not easy.  There is a structure to getting it right first time, every time and I will help you to craft the right messages and deliver them with the right mindset and awareness. I will help you handle tough objections and turn the table in your favour. More importantly I will help you to create the most important impact of all, a positive response from your prospect. 


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